The Majestic Tiger

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Tigers are amazing animals! Read the statistics below to find out just why I call them majestic.

The tiger is the biggest cat alive, weighing approximately 220-675 pounds, and can be up to 13 feet in length from nose to tail! Talk about some cat! A tiger’s lifespan is 10 to 15 years, the normal lifespan for any house cat. Some tigers have orange fur with black stripes, others are black with tan stripes, white with tan stripes, white with black stripes or all white (albino) – although the most common is orange with black stripes.

All tigers live in Asia. Larger species, such as Siberian Tigers, live in the more northern, colder areas, like eastern parts of Russia or China. Smaller species live in the southern, countries like India. They live in arid forests, flooded mangrove forests, and tropical forests.

First, all tigers are carnivores (they eat only meat).  Some of the things on a tiger’s menu are:  rhinos, pigs, deer, and even small elephants! To kill an animal a tiger will shut it’s jaws on the prey’s neck.

Tigers don’t really have a specific mating season; however, most of the time it will occur from late November to early April. Males are ready to mate when they are about five years of age. For females they are about ready at three and a half years of age. After they mate it usually takes about 16 weeks for the cubs to be born.

Helping These Cats:
Please click here to donate money to help these tigerific animals! This is one of my favorite websites for animals.

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The Magnificent Cheetah

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A cheetah is a wonderful animal, and personally my favorite.

A cheetah is the fastest land animal ever to be found, being able to run up to 70 miles per hour! Though only for the length of a football field – then they have to rest for about
thirty minutes.

Unlike lions, cheetahs cannot roar; they can purr, meow, snarl and chirp. Yes, I said chirp! Cheetahs sometimes chirp to attract mates.

FullSizeRenderFemale cheetahs have about 3-5 cubs at a time. It’s rare, but sometimes they have 9!

Cheetah’s live in South Africa on the savanna. A cheetah’s body is built for speed. Their long tails help them balance as their claws grip the sandy surface. See what I mean about these awesome animals?

A cheetah’s closest relative is a cougar. Cheetahs actually used to be kept as pets, and only attack when they are threatened.

CheetahA cheetahs nose is designed to take in extra air, so this wonderful creation can run fast.

I am so glad that God made cheetahs! The only bad thing I have to say in this blog is that they are endangered. People used to hunt them for their beautiful coats. The good news is that people have set up laws to protect the cheetahs. Like I’ve asked in my other blogs, please pray to help the cheetahs.

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Animal Abuse – First Steps to Making a Change

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All over the world animals are being abused and treated harshly. Not just by owners, but by puppy farms, kitty farms, and other places. People don’t realize how precious the life is in them. The Bible says, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” (Matthew 10:29)

Puppy mill Animal AbuseDid you know that you can help save animals? There are different organizations where you can give money or help out, but make sure the organization you pick is safe. You can also stand up for animals at work. For kids, you can stand up for them maybe at school or even places like parks or stores. For hunters, you can not kill animals unless you are going to use them for food.

Did you know many pet stores get their dogs and cats from places like puppy farms (or puppy mills) and kitty farms? These farms sometimes take the dogs and cats away from their mothers before they are fully weaned, which means they could have trouble eating and other problems while growing up.

Animal abuse does not just happen to ordinary pets like cats and dogs; it happens to many different animals in the wild as well. Please help save the Animals!

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The Right Response – To Kill or Not to Kill.

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On Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, a cougar was spotted in Whiteside County in rural Illinois.

A farmer was the first to spot this wonderful creation. The farmer locked up all his farm animals and called the authorities. An officer arrived, and the farmer asked for the beautiful animal to be killed.

Cougar shot instead of taking care of itAfter talking with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources law enforcement and wildlife personnel and talking with the farmer’s wife, the official decided to kill the animal, and shot it with a gun.

Why do it this way?

Why not realize it’s a living creature?

No where in the article does it say the cougar was attacking. God made that cougar just like He made us. In the Bible, Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” That means He made the cougar too.

Don’t you think that there could have been a much better response?

I do; maybe they could have lured him into a cage and relocated him into the wild or given him into the care of a zoo or wildlife refuge.

There are other things they could have done to God’s beautiful creation, aren’t there?

Can you think of some other options? I hope you agree with me. Thank you.

So let the cougars run wild and free.

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