Fun In The Jungle

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rainforest Fun In The Jungle

God made so many different animals for us for discover! Here are a few fun facts about jungle animals.

Did you know that poison dart frogs (also called poison arrow frogs because Native American tribes used to put their poison on their arrows) get their poison from the food they eat?  So, if you take them out of the jungle and give them different food, they aren’t poisonous.

Poison dart frog

Siamese fighting fish only show their colors when fighting. Males are brighter than females. After the female lays her eggs, she is chased away by the male because she may eat the eggs due to hunger.

Siamese fighting fish

Newborn emerald tree boas are bright red or orange when they hatch and turn green in about a year. Cool right?

emerald tree boas

The bengal tiger is the biggest cat in the cat family. Tigers attack from behind, so if you  go to the jungle, wear a mask on the back of your head.

Bengal tiger

The sun bear is known to attack with out being provoked. They got their name from the yellow markings around their face and chest. They actually don’t like the sun at all, and are nocturnal. The sense of smell is the sun bear’s sharpest sense.

Sun Bear

The leopard ‘s night vision may be six times better than humans. It is endangered, along with many other animals. Please pray for these animals and try to help them.


Did you know that macaws eat clay? People think they need the sodium found in clay. They dig in the ground for clay with their hooked bills. The blue and yellow macaw has a special throat pouch that helps him carry extra food. Isn’t God nice to create so many cool animals?

macaws I hope you like my blog. Please keep praying for those endangered animals.

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