How To Get Your Parents To Let You Have A Dog In 6 Easy Steps

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Okay, so you really want a dog, and you have begged and asked and begged some more, but your parents still say no. Right now your have about reached your max! How about trying a different route? Get ready to learn how to get your parents to let you have a dog in 6 easy steps!

1.GET the book “How To Convince Your Parents You Can Care For A Puppy“.

2.READ the book trying to really soak up facts. Two of my favorite fact books are: “Dog Breads and Dog Care” and “Best Friends Forever: My Perfect Puppy“.

3.THINK – Do you have the time to care for a puppy? If not, you may want to get an older puppy or dog. Remember, this is a life time commitment.

4.ASK – Do you know anyone with a dog? If so, try asking them where they got their dog.

5.WRITE a speech telling why you want a dog and how you will care for it. You can even include the fact that having a dog releases stress for most people .

6. PRESENT your speech to your parents. Try to be gentle with them. This will probably be easier if one of your parents, or maybe both, have had dogs or other pets most of their lives.

After you have done this sit back and watch! (This is not a guarantee, but it worked for me!)

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