The Magnificent Cheetah

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A cheetah is a wonderful animal, and personally my favorite.

A cheetah is the fastest land animal ever to be found, being able to run up to 70 miles per hour! Though only for the length of a football field – then they have to rest for about
thirty minutes.

Unlike lions, cheetahs cannot roar; they can purr, meow, snarl and chirp. Yes, I said chirp! Cheetahs sometimes chirp to attract mates.

FullSizeRenderFemale cheetahs have about 3-5 cubs at a time. It’s rare, but sometimes they have 9!

Cheetah’s live in South Africa on the savanna. A cheetah’s body is built for speed. Their long tails help them balance as their claws grip the sandy surface. See what I mean about these awesome animals?

A cheetah’s closest relative is a cougar. Cheetahs actually used to be kept as pets, and only attack when they are threatened.

CheetahA cheetahs nose is designed to take in extra air, so this wonderful creation can run fast.

I am so glad that God made cheetahs! The only bad thing I have to say in this blog is that they are endangered. People used to hunt them for their beautiful coats. The good news is that people have set up laws to protect the cheetahs. Like I’ve asked in my other blogs, please pray to help the cheetahs.

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