The Majestic Tiger

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Tigers are amazing animals! Read the statistics below to find out just why I call them majestic.

The tiger is the biggest cat alive, weighing approximately 220-675 pounds, and can be up to 13 feet in length from nose to tail! Talk about some cat! A tiger’s lifespan is 10 to 15 years, the normal lifespan for any house cat. Some tigers have orange fur with black stripes, others are black with tan stripes, white with tan stripes, white with black stripes or all white (albino) – although the most common is orange with black stripes.

All tigers live in Asia. Larger species, such as Siberian Tigers, live in the more northern, colder areas, like eastern parts of Russia or China. Smaller species live in the southern, countries like India. They live in arid forests, flooded mangrove forests, and tropical forests.

First, all tigers are carnivores (they eat only meat).  Some of the things on a tiger’s menu are:  rhinos, pigs, deer, and even small elephants! To kill an animal a tiger will shut it’s jaws on the prey’s neck.

Tigers don’t really have a specific mating season; however, most of the time it will occur from late November to early April. Males are ready to mate when they are about five years of age. For females they are about ready at three and a half years of age. After they mate it usually takes about 16 weeks for the cubs to be born.

Helping These Cats:
Please click here to donate money to help these tigerific animals! This is one of my favorite websites for animals.

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Cat Basics

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Cats have eyes that help them see in the dark, which also makes their eyes glow in the dark sometimes.

Cats do not like to get dirty.  They clean themselves by licking their paws, then rubbing their body.

You need to feed cats meat every single day.

Never strike a kitten.  You may not mean it to be hard, but you could really hurt the kitten.

Most kittens are nice and like to be petted, but always make sure to ask the owner about the cat. If it’s a stray, then talk to your parents about it.

About cats

Cats are nice pets and like to pounce on things. Just a  strand of yarn held up could make a great toy if it’s moved.

You always need a litter box for each of your cats.

Kittens are born with their eyes closed tightly.  When the kittens open their eyes, you need to sit behind them and clap your hands.  If they jump a little, they are not deaf.  Then you put your hand in front of the kittens face, and if it blinks, it’s not blind.

The mother cat might get a little annoyed if you try to touch her kittens.

Try to give your cat as much room as you can.

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Photo credit by Vincent Chen