Dog Basics

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Dogs are nice to have, but before you get a dog, think.  Do you have enough room?  If you have other pets or children how will they feel to a dog? Will you have enough time to care for you dog?  What about vet bills?  You have to take dogs on a walk at least twice a day, so does that fit into your schedule?

Also consider if anyone is allergic to the dog.  If so, then maybe you should get a hypo-allergenic dog like a multi- poo or a poodle.  Terriers are also breeds that are usually hypo-allergenic.  People who have dogs are typically healthier than people who don’t, and even tend to have less allergies.

Angry DogsSome dogs bite, so ask one of the workers at the pet shop or shelter to tell you about the dog you might get.

If you meet a dog ask the owner about it.  If it’s a stray, talk to your parents about it.  Also, always ask your parents before bringing in a stray.

Chocolate, grapes, and raisins can be bad for dogs, so don’t feed them to your dog.  A sudden change in diet can negatively affect your puppy’s digestion.  You need two dishes; one for your dog’s food and one for your dog’s water.

HD-jacko-lantern-puppy-wallpaper WinnerDogs need room to run around, so be sure to get your dog plenty of exercise.

When you get a puppydog you might want to think about dog training if your puppydog isn’t trained yet.

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    • i want one but don’t have one i read a lot about them and i love them so much! 🙂 i actually read a lot about different animal i love them all so much!

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