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Hi, my name is Eliana.  I have one brother and two sisters.  Since I was 7 years old, I have had a passion for animals, and so I started researching them. I love animals so much that I wanted to help them, so I made this website, www.handstopaws.com.  My goal is to help them by telling people how to care for them and by talking about endangered animals. My favorite animal is a Cheetah.

One night I asked my dad how I could help animals, and he said, “Well, there are lots of ways to help them.  One is making a website.”  I said that I like that, and we tried to make up a name.  Suddenly, I said, “Hands to Paws is a good name!”  Dad said, “Wow that is a good name!”  So, it became Hands to Paws. That night we set it up. Then I started writing Cat Basics and other blog posts.


Isn’t it wonderful how God made all the beautiful creatures? I plan on having hundreds of pets and caring for ones that are in need. I have six fact books about animals. I love to play piano. I want to be an animal explorer or a farmer. I want to follow God.

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  1. Hey Eliana! It’s Skye from co-op. I love you’re website!!! Keep going, and I bet you’ll accomplish you’re dream!!!

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