House Training For Dogs

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American-Eskimo-dogWhen you first get a dog, you should think about training classes to help your dog be a fit for your family. Here are four tricks to get you started.

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    Using a litter box. Set up your dog’s potty area somewhere easy to clean. Using dog litter, fill up your dog’s litter box half way. Put your puppy in his crate with a chew toy. It could be in the same room as you so he doesn’t feel isolated. After your puppy has been in his crate for an hour, allow him to leave his crate. Attach a leash to your puppy’s collar, and quickly walk him to his litter box. Wait five minutes for your puppy to go to the bathroom. After puppy has gone, play with him for 30 minutes. Then do it again.

  2. Teach your dog to sitTeach your dog to sit. Get your dog’s attention by whistling or lightly tapping his head. Hold a treat above your dog’s head so his head goes up and his seat goes down and say sit, then give the treat to your pup. Do it five times or till your pup can do it perfectly. Then, hide the treat behind your back, and take your other finger and put it above your puppy’s nose so his nose goes up and his seat goes down. Reward him with a treat. Do it five times, or till your puppy can do it perfectly. Then, say sit. If your pup does not listen, repeat. Give a treat when he does what you ask.
  3. come on commandComing on command. Get your puppy’s attention by whistling or lightly tapping his head. Walk five steps back, and wait for five seconds. Note: if your puppy starts to walk toward you, tell pup to sit. Then hold out a treat and say your puppy’s name or “come.” Do that five times, or till your pup can do it perfectly. Then put the treat behind your back and say “come” or your puppy’s name. Do it five times, or till your pup can do it perfectly. Next say “come” or your pup’s name. When your pup comes to you, give treat. Do it five times or till your pup can do it perfectly.
  4. HeelHeel. Heeling is when you and your dog are going on a walk and your dog is walking by your heel. Attach your dog’s leash to it’s collar and take a treat in your hand. Say heel. When your pup walks up to your heel, walk around for a bit, then give your dog a treat. Do that five times, or till your pup can do it perfectly, then put the treat in front of you and say heel. Do five times, or till your pup can do it perfectly.
  5. hand_to_pawPaw please. Start by telling your dog to sit, then reach down and lift up your dog’s paw. Hold for five seconds, then put down. Give your dog a treat. Do five times or until your tail-wagging buddy is comfortable.  Be gentle, remember your working with a liveing creature.

There are five tricks to make your dog fit for your family! Keep in mind that some dogs don’t like different treats so if your dog isn’t obeying try changing your bait.

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Crested Geckos

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Crested GeckoHi, I am going to talk about about crested geckos. Crested geckos are usually very mellow, and they make wonderful pets.

What they eat: In captivity, crested geckos eat a food made specially for them that you can buy at your local pet store. They also eat live crickets, but don’t fret! You don’t have to catch them; you can also buy those at a pet store that sells reptiles. You should never feed baby food to your crested on a regular basis because it’s not a complete diet for them. In the wild crested geckos eat insects and rotting fruit.

How long do they live: in captivity, crested geckos can live approximately 15 years.

Cage setup: You can get a cage setup at pet stores that sell reptiles.

  • First, you need a cage. It can be a large fish tank that is at least 5 gallons.
  • Second, you need two heat lamps; one for day and one for night.
  • Third, you need a spray bottle to keep your gecko’s humidity up (see below).
  • Fourth, you need food. You can get that at a pet store that sells reptiles (see above).
  • Finally, you need decor. This includes: fake moss, fake rocks, artificial foliage, food and water dishes, etc. When you have all these, you put the decor in the cage (you may arrange it however you would like), put the lid on the cage, and the heat lamps on.

When they sleep: Unlike some other geckos, cresties are nocturnal, which means they sleep in the day. But, you can still play with them at any time!

If they lose their tails do they grow back?: Crested geckos lose their tails either from stress, getting caught, or being pulled, etc. Sadly, our little friend’s tails do not grow back once they lose them, but they’re still really cute tail or no tail!

What should their humidity be at: Their humidity should remain around 50%. You can buy a spray bottle at a dollar store and spray their habitat frequently to ensure they have a moist environment.

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